Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Barstow Freedom 250

Chase Motorsports #195 took 2nd in class 1 and 2nd overall at the MORE Freedom 250 in Barstow . This gave them the Class 1 points lead, in their first season racing Class 1.

After several steady races we have truly found our groove at the Barstow 250 on July 18th. This race was a night race and we had 3 participating cars...2 class 1600's and the class 1. In the class 1 car, 195, Don Chase started out strong and steady, with Travis Chase taking the wheel after 2 laps and coming in with a second place finish just 15 seconds behind the winner. It was a close and tense race with Travis even making up 2 minutes in the last lap. In the 1695 car Travis Chase started the 1st lap with James Richey taking the wheel for the rest of the race and finishing in a strong 10th. And in our 3rd car the 1623 driver Kevin Coleman went the long haul only to be cut short by a spindle malfunction, but still able to pull out a 12th place finish. The team is pumped up and already prepping for the next race in October in Lucerne. Currently the 195 car is the points leader in class 1 and the team is not taking that for granted. Happy Prepping and we look forward to seeing everyone on October 12th!

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