Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barstow Freedom 250 Don Chase recounts...

It was a late afternoon start, 6:00 PM, in the 114 degree Barstow desert for driver Don Chase and Navigator Chad Weaver in the Chase Motorsport Porter Class 1. Due to the number of entries cars started 10 seconds apart. They decided to run a steady pace rather than force their way through the dust, knowing that the night does strange things to racecars. As they approched the 20 Mile mark where the course crossed Stardard Wells road, the #109 had crashed and the course workers jumped out in front of the car to stop them, as Don braked the car slid accross Stoddard wells doing a 360 on the slick graded road. Fortunately no one was close behind and they were able to restart and complete the lap in 46.01. The second lap was very dusty catching the jeep speeds and other late starters. The plan was to change drivers after 2 laps to give Travis Chase and Jason Lighthart some day light. The driver change and F&L fuel went smooth they turned on the Baja Design Sol-Teck lights and headed out. Don turned the car over in 4th place. Travis' young eyes helped him run 45 minute laps and move into 2nd place after 5 laps about 1.35 behind Sean Dunn. He took a quick splash of F&L racing fuel and was off into the night hoping Sean might have a problem. Travis was able to close down to 14 seconds on the road but could never pass Sean. Travis said that the Sol-Tek lites worked perfect, the Goodyears hooked up great with no flats, and the Ford power was awesome. The good news is that this puts Travis in the points lead for class 1, in their first season. Special thanks to our family, friends and volunteer supporters including, Ryan at TCS, Eric at ES motorsports, Jeff at Mckenzies, Sam at Rancho Transaxles, Clint at PWR, King Shocks, Sol-Tek, Goodyear, J&M Contractors, Muir-Chase Plumbing, and Astro Plumbing Supply

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