Thursday, September 17, 2009

Action Shots & Co-driver Experience!

Throughout the race there are several professional photographers on the track, here are a few of the action shot they were able to capture! WHOA! And we all know that every driver is only as good as his/ her co-driver. So Chase Motorsports wants to send a special thanks to Jeff Lievense for keeping his eyes and ears open from start to finish. Here a few words from him as to his experience out on the track...

What an amazing day for the CHASE MOTORSPORTS team. First off the line, fast lap, and first place! After turning wrenches on the Class 1 car since last December I was given my first opportunity to co-drive the first 3 laps with Travis. After leading the pack through lap two with a good lead Don Chase radioed in an offer for us to both stay in the car and finish the race. We jumped on the chance. Our pit support was excellent as always. I now know how much it means to look out of the car and see your own guys ready and waiting in case they are needed. I will have a new sense of worth when I'm back out there all day in the dirt hoping to lend a hand but also wanting the car to go right by me with no problems to report. Our fuel stop after lap 3 went flawless and we were in and out quick. I can't thank the guys (and girls, wives, mothers, sisters) enough for being there. There are too many names to mention. Also a HUGE thank you to Don Chase for giving me the opportunity to co-drive with his son Travis. It is a day I will never forget. I have learned so much from you guys over the last couple of years and had a great time doing it. I not only feel like a part of the team but also a part of the family.

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  1. Good driving Travis!!!! Thanks to all of you pit and garage guys plus your hard work. Couldn't have been done without all of you!! Congratulations to the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!