Friday, January 24, 2014

Prepping for the Parker 425

In preparation for the upcoming PARKER 425; after a successful Parker Pre Run by Mikey Childress, Jeff Lievense, Don Chase and Skip Johnson; the team headed to Barstow Ca on Wednesday morning. Chase Motorsports with the help of KING shocks, JAMAR brakes and were ready to dial in both the 1595 and 1565 race cars. The first car off the trailer was the 1595 car and after several hours of fine tuning and test driving by both Mikey Childress and Travis Chase, the car is running faster than it ever has. Both drivers were able to put several hours on the car without any glitches. Next up for the car will be graphics and then PARKER BOUND!!! Towards the afternoon 1565 came off the trailer and was sounding fierce! Both KING and JAMAR set up the car, and Mikey went out for a test drive, unfortunately toward the freeway exit straightaway the car threw a rod and took out several parts of the motor. All we can say is better now then during the Parker 425, but consequently we will now only be racing the 1595 car next weekend. But be sure the boys will be bringing it and will put the 1595 car in the top spot. We can't wait to see how the 1595 car handles!!! Stay tuned for results from the race. Mikey Childress and Skip Johnson will be starting with Travis Chase and Skip Johnson finishing!!! Happy Friday Everyone!

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