Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Parker 425

Earlier this month the team participated in the much anticipated first race of the year PARKER 425.  After qualifying against a stacked field Mikey Childress and Skip Johnson would start in the 26th spot. Mikey did exactly what he wanted to do and took the first lap easy pushing up to 5th spot on time. At the end of the first lap if felt like the motor started to lay down. They came in to the pit and found that one of the rocker arm adjusters had broken. It was definitely going to be a big fix, but the team was determined to not give up! After about 2 hours and some help from Grove racing, TSCO, and Checkers the 1595 car was back in the race. Travis Chase jumped in the drivers seat and Skip Johnson stayed in to codrive. The boys pushed through and finished with a strong finish in 19th place out of 54 in class! Now the Chase Motorsports is back in the race shop fine tuning the car for the MINT 400!! See you all next month!

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