Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finish Line Powder Puff!

Check out the video of our ladies coming into the finish line after 4 laps and just over 3 1/2 hours!

Save the Tata's Takes Second!

With team Save the Tata's second off the line Kari and Andrea knew they had to be smart and steady, but most of all they knew that they had to have FUN!!! After 2 laps and 2 hours they were holding a strong 3rd and had 8 minutes on the 4th place car, the ladies got the go ahead to head into pit and pick up their 2 other co-drivers, Alicia and Mindy! Kari and Andrea were so excited that they zoomed into pit grabbed the girls in under a minute and were back on the course ready to take over the 2nd place spot. With Alicia and Mindy in the car Kari and Andrea were newly regenerized and pumped for the 2nd half of the race. After the 3rd lap the ladies made it to start finish under the cut off time and were sent out on their 4th and final lap looking to finish the race with a bang! With only 7 miles left to go on the final lap the race course was covered with broken down, overturned, overheated vehicles and Save the Tata's was still going strong, suddenly the ladies saw the car they had been chasing all race on the side of the road and they knew they had to push to get to the finish line before the other car was back on the road!......AND THEY DID!!! All 4 girls road the buckshot through the finish line, with cheers and screams and a 2nd place trophy waiting! Way to go ladies and thanks to Team Chase Motorsports for all their support and hard work, they couldn't have done it without you!

Powder Puff Pit Stop!

During the race the girls came in to pit each lap, so that the team to check the car and make sure the ladies were feeling good. Here are the ladies coming in for one quick pit! Go girls!

Race Day!

After the craziest most event filled tech and contingency team Chase Motorsports was pumped up and ready for a good race. The event had over 200 entrants, the biggest turn out in Powder Puff history, so M.O.R.E racing had to add on 7 miles and break up the race into 2 main events. On race day Kari Richey, driver, and Andrea Chase, co-driver, were full of butterflies while gearing up for the start of the race. They knew they had to get a clean start to hold their second place position and be able to have a fast pit stop and pick up Alicia Leviense and Mindy Meenk for the 2nd half of the race.

Powder Puff Prep!

This past month has been super hectic and exciting for Chase Motorsports with the preparation for our team's first ever Powder Puff Race! The whole team has been so supportive of getting the wives in the buckshot to race for a good cause, but in order to do so there was a lot of work that had to be done on the car. Not only did the car need new pink ribbon graphics, plus graphics recognizing breast cancer survivors, fighters and victims, but it also needed a major overhaul including a new rear end cage. The boys worked up until the day before the race ensuring the safety of the car and that the car was ready for tech and contingency! During the last week of prep work not only was Kari Richey, Andrea Chase, Alicia Leviense and Mindy Meenk anticipating the upcoming race, but our team-mate Monique Coleman was welcoming her second child, Cameron Coleman, with her husband Kevin. CONGRATULATIONS to you both! We love you!