Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mint 400 Pit Crew Challenge

The team was not only super excited for the MINT 400 to finally be here, but they were also excited to participate in this years PIT CREW CHALLENGE!!! With the competition tight the boys were able to pull off a semi final finish! Way to go CHASE MOTORSPORTS!!! We can't wait to see what we can do next year!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


check out our latest video from Tuba Art Films at the Parker 425!


Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Parker 425

Earlier this month the team participated in the much anticipated first race of the year PARKER 425.  After qualifying against a stacked field Mikey Childress and Skip Johnson would start in the 26th spot. Mikey did exactly what he wanted to do and took the first lap easy pushing up to 5th spot on time. At the end of the first lap if felt like the motor started to lay down. They came in to the pit and found that one of the rocker arm adjusters had broken. It was definitely going to be a big fix, but the team was determined to not give up! After about 2 hours and some help from Grove racing, TSCO, and Checkers the 1595 car was back in the race. Travis Chase jumped in the drivers seat and Skip Johnson stayed in to codrive. The boys pushed through and finished with a strong finish in 19th place out of 54 in class! Now the Chase Motorsports is back in the race shop fine tuning the car for the MINT 400!! See you all next month!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Prepping for the Parker 425

In preparation for the upcoming PARKER 425; after a successful Parker Pre Run by Mikey Childress, Jeff Lievense, Don Chase and Skip Johnson; the team headed to Barstow Ca on Wednesday morning. Chase Motorsports with the help of KING shocks, JAMAR brakes and were ready to dial in both the 1595 and 1565 race cars. The first car off the trailer was the 1595 car and after several hours of fine tuning and test driving by both Mikey Childress and Travis Chase, the car is running faster than it ever has. Both drivers were able to put several hours on the car without any glitches. Next up for the car will be graphics and then PARKER BOUND!!! Towards the afternoon 1565 came off the trailer and was sounding fierce! Both KING and JAMAR set up the car, and Mikey went out for a test drive, unfortunately toward the freeway exit straightaway the car threw a rod and took out several parts of the motor. All we can say is better now then during the Parker 425, but consequently we will now only be racing the 1595 car next weekend. But be sure the boys will be bringing it and will put the 1595 car in the top spot. We can't wait to see how the 1595 car handles!!! Stay tuned for results from the race. Mikey Childress and Skip Johnson will be starting with Travis Chase and Skip Johnson finishing!!! Happy Friday Everyone!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rage at the River 2013

The team has been back for a week now from Laughlin and we are still talking about how much fun the race was! It was the perfect race for our team to test the class 1 car and work out some kinks while having a good time! Day 1 started out a bit rough with a torque converter issue right off the start line, but after a quick pit stop Travis Chase and Skip Johnson were back on the track and picking people off! On the second day Travis Chase started in 12th place and on the 4th lap was up in the top 3 when he got a flat tire! Travis Chase and Jeff Lievense were able to swap out the tires but were passed by several cars in their down time. Needless to say Chase Motorsports didn't have a podium finish this race, but we finished strong and had a blast doing it! Hope you all were able to watch the race live via computer! Happy Holidays Everyone and we will see you in PARKER 2014 where we plan on bringing it hard! Be sure to check out the race clip to the right of the blog Chase Motorsports gets a sweet shout out!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

As head poster on this blog I feel terrible that it has been almost 2 years since my last post! But between our family expanding and the race team taking almost a year off we all took a break. Well that being said, we are back in action! Last year we entered the BAJA 1000 with HUGE SUCESS!! Team Chase Motorsports scored a top 10 finish and we couldn't be more proud!!!!We have also had a few additions to our team...Welcome babies: Aubrey Coleman, Parker Chase and Brooklyn Beauchamp, as well as a few new members in the race shop! And we are now in the process of prepping our race cars for RAGE AT THE RIVER next week! Stay tuned for more pictures and posts coming your way!!! Happy Holidays Everyone and we hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming season, be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and Instagram #CHASEMOTORSPORTS :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

CHASE Motorsports Presidents Day 2012 In Glamis

Check out this new video from Chase Motorsports on President's Weekend in Glamis! Enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Parker 425 Feb 2012

With a solid qualifying, finishing 28th out of 80, and tech/contigency going off without a hitch, Chasemotorsports was pumped and ready for action. They waited for the morning of February 4th...the Parker 425 start! Driver Travis Chase and co driver Jeff Lievense were feeling extremely confident in the race course, the race car, and their ability! The 1595 car had a beautiful start but during the first lap the car encountered 2 flat tires! Both tires were fixed within minutes and Chase Motorsports were back in action. On the first lap the 1595 car was gaining speed/ momentum and finding its groove. Then during the second half of the 1st lap Travis radioed to main pit that he was having throttle issues, so when he came in for a pit the team zip tied his foot to the pedal, thus alleviating any problems there! And once again the car was off! This time Travis and Jeff could feel a top 10 finish as they were passing other class 1 cars one at a time! As the car came in for its 3rd and final lap the team learned that the 1595 car had lost a cylindar, but that Travis and Jeff were not going to let that get in the way of a strong finish, and boy did they hold up their end of the bargain! As Chase Motorsports crossed the finish line they came in 8th place in their class and 16th overall!!!! Such an amazing start to the 2012 race season and it all is thanks to the volunteers at the race shop, the new race car, owner/ driver Don Chase, the support of the families and of course driver and co driver! WAY TO GO TEAM!! Now get that car torn down and ready for the MINT 400 in March!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here We Come Parker!

Parker is here and the race team is currently loading and packing up to head out tomorrow afternoon! The team was able to squeak one final test run in out in Barstow CA over the weekend and now feel even better than ever! Chase Motorsports can't wait to see what this season has in store for the team and are very eager to kick off the season this weekend in PARKER AZ!!! We can't wait to see all the teams out there and we wish everyone the best of luck!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Year A New Goal!

With 2012 upon us Chase Motorsports is working overtime in order to be at their top performance for the BITD race season! A New Year A New Goal of taking home a 2012 BITD Championship! First up the Parker 500 on the weekend of February 3rd. The team is fresh off a super successful Parker Pre Run Fun and are now fine tuning the race car for a solid race in just a few short weeks! The team had an amazing holiday season and are all anxious to get back out on the race course! Hope to see you out there too!

Monday, October 10, 2011


With perfect weather, a perfect pit crew and perfect attitudes Team SAVE THE TATA's couldn't have asked for a better time raising money for a good cause! Mother and Daughter rival drivers were pumped and the cars were full with motivated navigators and back seat riders! Our cars 1395 and 1396 started in 8th and 9th place and were both going strong off the start! With 28 mile loops and lots of rugged terrain, 1396 and 1395 gave it their all! Both mother and daughter team were neck and neck up through ant hill but a few miles later 1396, driven by Sandy Chase, caught some clean air and passed our 1395 car, driven by Kari Richey, who got stuck in the dust!
Throughout the race both cars gained momentum and kept passing other 1350 class cars, until 1395 broke a heim on lap 3 and was sadly taken out of the race! But thankfully everyone was safe and still in good spirits and with the help of the Missing Lenk team they were pulled to safety off the race course and with enough time to cheer on our other race car!!!
By lap 3 the 1396 car was continually gaining and when Sandy learned that she was steadily catching the 1st place car, she saw the checkers and really started racing! She stepped on that gas and caught the lead car by lap 4 and finished with a strong 1st place approx 1 minute ahead of the 2nd place team! WAY TO GO SANDY CHASE, ALICIA LIEVENSE, DAWN BEAUCHAMP, and KIM for your 1st place win! and WAY TO GO to KARI RICHEY, ANDREA CHASE, MINDY BUYER, and CASSIE JANOSIK for being amazing competitors with great attitudes!
CHEERS! to our CHASE MOTORSPORTS TEAM, and CHEERS to BREAST CANCER AWARENSS!!! We are sure to double podium next year!

Monday, October 3, 2011


With a rough start to our 2011 year Chase Motorsports is really looking forward to the 2011 Powder Puff/ Breast Cancer Awareness race this weekend in Barstow! And for the first time we will have 2 cars racing, so let the games begin! The Dune car will be driven by none other than "Speed Racer" Sandy Chase with Co Driver Alicia Lievense, and the buckshot will be driver by "Take no prisoners" Kari Richey with Co Driver Andrea Chase! The race is on October 8th in Barstow CA off of Outlet Center Drive and all proceeds go Breast Cancer Awareness, so come on out and support and amazing cause and and amazing team! See you at the races!

Monday, March 21, 2011


2011 is here and Chase Motorsports is gearing up and prepping for their first race of the year! On March 26th the team can be found at the MINT 400 in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to a little time off and the addition of a new car, the team is in high spirits and ready to take on the 2011 season with all they have! See you in a few days!

PS. The team is also celebrating their newest member, Becker Robert Chase who was born on January 22nd, and they are eagerly awaiting Wyatt Chase Richey who is to be born March 22nd! Cheers to our growing team!!!

We also would like to welcome our newest sponsor WEST COAST TIRE, and thank them for all of their support.

See you at the races!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Parker 425 Program

"2010 was a pinnacle season for Chase Motorsports. Their first season in the big leagues (BITD) Don Chase and his son Travis Chase accomplished all three goals they set for the team. 1- Finish every mile of every race. 2-Finish top 5 in year end points. 3-Win Rookie of The Year. They added a bonus by finishing 2nd in class and 5th overall at the last race of the year, Henderson. None of these would have been possible without our great group of La Crescenta volunteers. This crew works tirelessly throughout the year because DNF is not in their vocabulary. Don started racing back in 1983 with Bob Stockton. They raced until 1995 with great success. In 2005 Travis, who was racing motorcycles at the time, convinced pops they should dust off the old 1600 and go racing for pop's birthday. Friends and family came out and Chase Motorsports was born. After racing just a few races a year, Don recognized Travis' talent in the HP prerunners and decided to move up to class 1500 for 2010. There is no question that the old guy can't keep pace with Travis but it is a father son team first. The key ideals that make Chase Motorsports are; to work hard, play harder and keep your family and friends close. After all that is what life is all about. Travis and his wife Andrea will be adding their second son to the offroad community on January 31st. Watch for these kids ripping up the desert near you in the future."

Even Dusty Times Celebrates!

Congratulations Chase Motorsports via The Dusty Times!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, December 13, 2010

Finish Line!

Congratulations Chase Motorsports on your amazing finish and teamwork!

250 miles!

With a 19th place start and a 2nd place finish Travis Chase and Brad Beauchamp really had something to celebrate! In the end it all comes down to great driving, great car and great team!
BITD 2010 Season Standings:
5th place overall, 3rd place in total points & ROOKIE OF THE YEAR

1595 Starting Line Video

Here we come!

1595 out for the win!

With a top 10 finish and rookie of the year within reach for Travis Chase the Class 1 car started 19th on December 4th.