Friday, February 10, 2012

Parker 425 Feb 2012

With a solid qualifying, finishing 28th out of 80, and tech/contigency going off without a hitch, Chasemotorsports was pumped and ready for action. They waited for the morning of February 4th...the Parker 425 start! Driver Travis Chase and co driver Jeff Lievense were feeling extremely confident in the race course, the race car, and their ability! The 1595 car had a beautiful start but during the first lap the car encountered 2 flat tires! Both tires were fixed within minutes and Chase Motorsports were back in action. On the first lap the 1595 car was gaining speed/ momentum and finding its groove. Then during the second half of the 1st lap Travis radioed to main pit that he was having throttle issues, so when he came in for a pit the team zip tied his foot to the pedal, thus alleviating any problems there! And once again the car was off! This time Travis and Jeff could feel a top 10 finish as they were passing other class 1 cars one at a time! As the car came in for its 3rd and final lap the team learned that the 1595 car had lost a cylindar, but that Travis and Jeff were not going to let that get in the way of a strong finish, and boy did they hold up their end of the bargain! As Chase Motorsports crossed the finish line they came in 8th place in their class and 16th overall!!!! Such an amazing start to the 2012 race season and it all is thanks to the volunteers at the race shop, the new race car, owner/ driver Don Chase, the support of the families and of course driver and co driver! WAY TO GO TEAM!! Now get that car torn down and ready for the MINT 400 in March!