Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Toys 4 Tots Award Ceremony!

Thanks to the hard work and nights of prep, the 195 car finished with the 2nd place spot in the Toys 4 Tots race. The whole team was ecstatic and no one was more pround than Don Chase. It feels amazing to the whole team that on their first year out they secured the 2009 M.O.R.E Class Championship. At the awards ceremony the drivers thanked their team, without whom they wouldn't be able to race, their sponsors, all their friends and family members and of course their wives. They look forward to January 16th, 2010 where they will be attending the Championship awards ceremony for the M.O.R.E 2009 race season. We hope to see you all there! Thanks to everyone for their support and positivity! WE LOOK FORWARD TO AN EQUALLY EXCITING 2010 RACING SEASON!!!!


On the morning of Dec 5th, the 1695, 1623 and the 195 cars hit the dirt in hopes of not only finishing the Toys 4 Tots race, but taking home trophies as well. The 1695 car hit a couple bumps in the road and ended up having to pull out early in lap 3, but the team is already working on putting in a new motor and getting back out there for race season 2010! The 1623 was running strong all day, driven by Kevin Coleman & Kyle Quinn. The only problem all day for the car was a front flat. The 1623 car finished with a respectable 4th place. This is Kevin's first finish and Kyle's first desert race. Meanwhile the 195 car had a 2009 Championship in there scopes. All Don Chase and Travis Chase had to do was run a steady, safe race with a solid finish and they would be named the 2009 M.O.R.E offroad Champion in Class 1. That is exactly what they did and some! Don and Travis along with co-drivers Chad Weaver and Jason Lighthart picked all the right lines, made all quick pits, and drove into not only the 2009 Championship spot, but they took 2nd place in the Toys 4 Tots race as well. Chase Motorsports wants to thank not only the drivers, but all the volunteers who withstood the cold elements last weekend in support of our cars! We couldn't have done it without you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Playtime Before Racetime!

Over Veteran's weekend, the Chase Motorsports team along with friends and family geared up and made their way out to the Glamis Dunes. The team realized that they needed some down time in between working in the race shop and prepping for the Toys 4 Tots race in Barstow on December 5th, so they took the race car out for some playtime before racetime! The race car performed like a champ and no one was more pleased than the team! All in all it was a fun, safe weekend with lots of speed and duning! Thanks to everyone for helping to make Veteran's weekend in the dunes one of the best Glamis trips ever! See you in Barstow on December 5th at Slash X!