Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Finish Line!

After hours of racing, and 425 miles completed, Don Chase and Brad Beauchamp crossed the finish line in 11th place. While out on the courses 3rd lap, Chase motorsports' Don and Brad were holding strong in 2nd place when a cv broke and the car had to be towed by a BITD official to be fixed. After the mishap the team lost several places but once they were back on course they were able to recover quite a few and hold strong at a proud 11th place! Team Chase Motorsports finished their first B.I.T.D race and we could not be more proud. Congratulations to everyone!!!! See you in Vegas in April!

Pit Stops & Driver Swaps!

After the 2nd lap for chase motorsports it was time for a pit stop and driver swap. Travis Chase and Jake Lauxen were holding strong in approximately 3rd place and were ready for Don Chase and Brad Beauchamp to jump in for the finishing 3rd lap. Under the advice of crew chief Jeff Lievense the boys also needed to stop in at the main pit in order to top off on gas and double check the car. Once all was in order the boys were sent out on their 3rd and final lap! Here we go!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Racetime!

After a successful start for both the 2095 car and 1595 car, car 2095 ran into motor trouble half way around the first 148 mile lap and had to bow out of the race. Even though the team was disappointed in the 2095 car, they figured out exactly what went wrong and are excited to work on the car and get it prepped and ready for the April 23rd race Silver State 300! Instead of dwelling on the 2095 car the Chase Motorsports crew focused all their energy now on the 1595 car which was looking incredibly strong and after a 16th place start was gaining speed and spots out on the race course. After coming in for the 1st pit stop car 1595 was sitting in around 5th place and was looking to gain more!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Starting Line Videos

Video #1 is car 1595 off the line, and Video #2 is car 2095 off the line...

And their Off!

Here are a few shots of both the 1595 and 2095 car at the starting line. The start of the race took place in downtown Parker and actually started on pavement, only to fly straight, bank left and out into the open desert! Both cars had an incredibly smooth and fast start, such a great beginning to a long race!

Morning of the Race!

It was an early morning as Chase Motorsports assembled at the house and geared up the cars to head over to the starting line. Starting in the 1 car were driver Travis Chase and co driver Jake Lauxen, to be relieved by Don Chase and co driver Brad Beauchamp, and starting in the 2095 car was driver Brian Wilson, to be relieved by James Richey. The whole team was dispersed into their respective spots, between main pit, pits 1-4, and with the cars and couldn't have been more prepared. The car looked great, the team looked great and the racers looked great. Good luck Chase Motorsports!

Parker 425 Tech & Contingency!

On Friday Chase Motorsports got settled in Parker AZ for the BITD Parker 425, and then headed to downtown where it was their turn to be looked over by tech and contingency. At tech excitement was high and the boys were ready and rearing to go. Not only were they excited for their first BITD race, but it was a chance to get to know some of the other teams and check out their cars.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Parker Pre Run Fun!

This past month Chase Motorsports loaded up and headed out to Parker AZ for the designated Pre-run weekend. Not only did the cars run smoothly, but the team got a good feel for the race track. On Feb 6th the boys will be competing in their first Best In the Desert race and they are doing everything they can to be as prepared as possible. Stay tuned race fans for the Parker AZ 2010 race updates...