Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Toys 4 Tots Award Ceremony!

Thanks to the hard work and nights of prep, the 195 car finished with the 2nd place spot in the Toys 4 Tots race. The whole team was ecstatic and no one was more pround than Don Chase. It feels amazing to the whole team that on their first year out they secured the 2009 M.O.R.E Class Championship. At the awards ceremony the drivers thanked their team, without whom they wouldn't be able to race, their sponsors, all their friends and family members and of course their wives. They look forward to January 16th, 2010 where they will be attending the Championship awards ceremony for the M.O.R.E 2009 race season. We hope to see you all there! Thanks to everyone for their support and positivity! WE LOOK FORWARD TO AN EQUALLY EXCITING 2010 RACING SEASON!!!!


On the morning of Dec 5th, the 1695, 1623 and the 195 cars hit the dirt in hopes of not only finishing the Toys 4 Tots race, but taking home trophies as well. The 1695 car hit a couple bumps in the road and ended up having to pull out early in lap 3, but the team is already working on putting in a new motor and getting back out there for race season 2010! The 1623 was running strong all day, driven by Kevin Coleman & Kyle Quinn. The only problem all day for the car was a front flat. The 1623 car finished with a respectable 4th place. This is Kevin's first finish and Kyle's first desert race. Meanwhile the 195 car had a 2009 Championship in there scopes. All Don Chase and Travis Chase had to do was run a steady, safe race with a solid finish and they would be named the 2009 M.O.R.E offroad Champion in Class 1. That is exactly what they did and some! Don and Travis along with co-drivers Chad Weaver and Jason Lighthart picked all the right lines, made all quick pits, and drove into not only the 2009 Championship spot, but they took 2nd place in the Toys 4 Tots race as well. Chase Motorsports wants to thank not only the drivers, but all the volunteers who withstood the cold elements last weekend in support of our cars! We couldn't have done it without you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Playtime Before Racetime!

Over Veteran's weekend, the Chase Motorsports team along with friends and family geared up and made their way out to the Glamis Dunes. The team realized that they needed some down time in between working in the race shop and prepping for the Toys 4 Tots race in Barstow on December 5th, so they took the race car out for some playtime before racetime! The race car performed like a champ and no one was more pleased than the team! All in all it was a fun, safe weekend with lots of speed and duning! Thanks to everyone for helping to make Veteran's weekend in the dunes one of the best Glamis trips ever! See you in Barstow on December 5th at Slash X!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finish Line Powder Puff!

Check out the video of our ladies coming into the finish line after 4 laps and just over 3 1/2 hours!

Save the Tata's Takes Second!

With team Save the Tata's second off the line Kari and Andrea knew they had to be smart and steady, but most of all they knew that they had to have FUN!!! After 2 laps and 2 hours they were holding a strong 3rd and had 8 minutes on the 4th place car, the ladies got the go ahead to head into pit and pick up their 2 other co-drivers, Alicia and Mindy! Kari and Andrea were so excited that they zoomed into pit grabbed the girls in under a minute and were back on the course ready to take over the 2nd place spot. With Alicia and Mindy in the car Kari and Andrea were newly regenerized and pumped for the 2nd half of the race. After the 3rd lap the ladies made it to start finish under the cut off time and were sent out on their 4th and final lap looking to finish the race with a bang! With only 7 miles left to go on the final lap the race course was covered with broken down, overturned, overheated vehicles and Save the Tata's was still going strong, suddenly the ladies saw the car they had been chasing all race on the side of the road and they knew they had to push to get to the finish line before the other car was back on the road!......AND THEY DID!!! All 4 girls road the buckshot through the finish line, with cheers and screams and a 2nd place trophy waiting! Way to go ladies and thanks to Team Chase Motorsports for all their support and hard work, they couldn't have done it without you!

Powder Puff Pit Stop!

During the race the girls came in to pit each lap, so that the team to check the car and make sure the ladies were feeling good. Here are the ladies coming in for one quick pit! Go girls!

Race Day!

After the craziest most event filled tech and contingency team Chase Motorsports was pumped up and ready for a good race. The event had over 200 entrants, the biggest turn out in Powder Puff history, so M.O.R.E racing had to add on 7 miles and break up the race into 2 main events. On race day Kari Richey, driver, and Andrea Chase, co-driver, were full of butterflies while gearing up for the start of the race. They knew they had to get a clean start to hold their second place position and be able to have a fast pit stop and pick up Alicia Leviense and Mindy Meenk for the 2nd half of the race.

Powder Puff Prep!

This past month has been super hectic and exciting for Chase Motorsports with the preparation for our team's first ever Powder Puff Race! The whole team has been so supportive of getting the wives in the buckshot to race for a good cause, but in order to do so there was a lot of work that had to be done on the car. Not only did the car need new pink ribbon graphics, plus graphics recognizing breast cancer survivors, fighters and victims, but it also needed a major overhaul including a new rear end cage. The boys worked up until the day before the race ensuring the safety of the car and that the car was ready for tech and contingency! During the last week of prep work not only was Kari Richey, Andrea Chase, Alicia Leviense and Mindy Meenk anticipating the upcoming race, but our team-mate Monique Coleman was welcoming her second child, Cameron Coleman, with her husband Kevin. CONGRATULATIONS to you both! We love you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Action Shots & Co-driver Experience!

Throughout the race there are several professional photographers on the track, here are a few of the action shot they were able to capture! WHOA! And we all know that every driver is only as good as his/ her co-driver. So Chase Motorsports wants to send a special thanks to Jeff Lievense for keeping his eyes and ears open from start to finish. Here a few words from him as to his experience out on the track...

What an amazing day for the CHASE MOTORSPORTS team. First off the line, fast lap, and first place! After turning wrenches on the Class 1 car since last December I was given my first opportunity to co-drive the first 3 laps with Travis. After leading the pack through lap two with a good lead Don Chase radioed in an offer for us to both stay in the car and finish the race. We jumped on the chance. Our pit support was excellent as always. I now know how much it means to look out of the car and see your own guys ready and waiting in case they are needed. I will have a new sense of worth when I'm back out there all day in the dirt hoping to lend a hand but also wanting the car to go right by me with no problems to report. Our fuel stop after lap 3 went flawless and we were in and out quick. I can't thank the guys (and girls, wives, mothers, sisters) enough for being there. There are too many names to mention. Also a HUGE thank you to Don Chase for giving me the opportunity to co-drive with his son Travis. It is a day I will never forget. I have learned so much from you guys over the last couple of years and had a great time doing it. I not only feel like a part of the team but also a part of the family.

1st in Class and THE OVERALL!

At approximately 1pm Travis Chase and Jeff Lievense sped to the finish to solidify that 1st place win and the OVERALL! This was a first for the Chase Motorsports team and hopefully not the last. Thanks to all the hard work of every member of the team and thanks to the steady fast pace of the driver and co-driver, the team has never felt better. Here is a video of the car coming throw pit row at high speed, one of the many reasons the class 1 car was able to get that WIN!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Pit Time!

By the 3rd lap of the Chili Cookoff 250 Travis Chase and Jeff Lievense were not only leading the race without any hiccups, they had a chance to take the overall! So instead of swapping drivers and co-drivers after the 3rd lap Team Leader Don Chase asked Travis and Jeff if they could run the whole race and simply come in for a fuel stop. This would shave at least 4 minutes off the pit stop and allow the boys to continue to lead and chase down that overall win! Travis and Jeff were up for the challenge, so in they came for a quick fuel up, thanks to the Chase Motorsports team, and out they went to get that WIN!!!

Start Your Engines

On the morning of Sept 12th at 8:15 am Travis Chase and Jeff Lievense jumped into car 195 geared up, ready to race, and headed to the starting line. When the car got to the starting line they soon learned that instead of 2nd off the line, they were actually going to be 1st off the line (leaders of the pack). This meant more nerves, but it also meant CLEAN AIR! With their nerves set aside the guys had a super clean start and the team looked great from the very beginning. It was a perfect beginning to what was headed to be a super race! Check out this amazing video and photo at the starting line...

Tech & Contingency

After a long day of pre-running and prep work the team was geared up and ready to head toward tech and contingency. Everyone was in great spirits cheking out all the other cars and really enjoyed some down time spent with family and friends. As with earlier that day Tech & Contingency went off without a hitch as the car and its drivers were cleared for race time. Now it was time to head back to camp for a good night sleep because it was early racing in the morning, with an 8:30 am start time and car 195 2nd off the start. Good luck team Chase Motorsports!

Chili Cook Off 250 Pre-running & Prep

On Friday, Sept 11th, the Chase Motorsports team geared up for a long day of car prep, team prep and pre-running. It started with driver Travis Chase and co-driver Jeff Lievense taking a hot lap in the bucksot to map out all obstacles and turns that they will encounter the following Monday. When the boys returned they switched to the 195 car car and upon arrival from the course decided that the front end was a little stiff and from there the team jumped into gear. First, the side panels were taken off and then the front shocks were adjusted. Next driver Don Chase and co-driver James Richey jumped in car 195 to test out the adjustments and get a feel for the course as well. The team had many supporters, friends and family that showed up early to help set up for the race, and they are very very grateful. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Helmets!

Chase motorsports is slowly but surely becoming a completely united front by getting all graphics and touchpoints uniform in design. The newest installment of which is the drivers new helmets and paint job thanks to Pete Vilander. Each driver got to work with the artist to specially design their new helmets with the race team colors in mind. Be sure to keep an eye out for them in the desert and at the race this weekend.