Monday, September 14, 2009

Chili Cook Off 250 Pre-running & Prep

On Friday, Sept 11th, the Chase Motorsports team geared up for a long day of car prep, team prep and pre-running. It started with driver Travis Chase and co-driver Jeff Lievense taking a hot lap in the bucksot to map out all obstacles and turns that they will encounter the following Monday. When the boys returned they switched to the 195 car car and upon arrival from the course decided that the front end was a little stiff and from there the team jumped into gear. First, the side panels were taken off and then the front shocks were adjusted. Next driver Don Chase and co-driver James Richey jumped in car 195 to test out the adjustments and get a feel for the course as well. The team had many supporters, friends and family that showed up early to help set up for the race, and they are very very grateful. THANK YOU!

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